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Finding the Right Replacement Battery

Here at Battery in the Cloud, we specialize in supplying the highest quality replacement Sealed Lead Acid (SLA) batteries on the market. We recognize that many of our customers are not regular purchasers of SLA batteries. Therefore, our goal is to make it as quick, easy, and pain free to find your replacement battery as possible.

What do I need to know to purchase a replacement battery?

To find the right battery for your application, you need to know four things:

  1. Voltage Be sure to choose a battery with the correct voltage for your application. Usually this information is readily apparent on the label of the battery to be replaced. Common voltages are 6 volts and 12 volts.
  2. Ampere hours (Ah) represent the battery capacity i.e., the electric charge delivered over time. As long as you choose the right voltage, you can use a battery with any Ah rating. Higher Ah batteries will deliver power for a proportionally longer time.
  3. Terminal Be sure to purchase a battery with the right terminal for your application. Common SLA battery terminals include F1, F2, and NB.
  4. Dimensions Always confirm that the battery will fit in the space available for your application. Do this by measuring the length, width, and height of the available space and comparing them to the dimensions of the battery being purchased. 

How can I find my replacement battery?

To make it as fast and easy as possible to find your replacement battery, we built the Replacement Battery Finder tool. This tool prompts you to answer the questions above, then identifies the appropriate battery based on your needs. And it does this in less than 30 seconds!

To sweeten the deal even further, customers who use the Replacement Battery Finder tool are eligible for a 5% discount on their purchase. Try the Replacement Battery Finder to find the right battery for your application today!


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