Features of Sealed Lead Acid Batteries

Features of Sealed Lead Acid Batteries

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This guest blog post originally appeared in the Power-Sonic blog here. 

Power-Sonic batteries perform well across a range of performance parameters, making them a great choice for a wide range of applications. 

Sealed Maintenance Free

The valve regulated, spill-proof construction of sealed lead acid batteries allows trouble-­free, safe operation in any position. There is no need to add electrolyte, as gases generated during charging are recombined in a unique “oxygen cycle”.

Easy Handling

No special handling precautions or shipping containers, either surface or air, are required for sealed lead acid batteries due to the leak-proof battery construction.


The high watt-hour per dollar value is made possible by the materials used in a sealed lead­ acid battery: they are readily available and lower in cost than alternative battery chemistries such as lithium batteries.

Long Service Life

Sealed lead acid batteries can have a design life of anywhere from 3 – 5 years all the way up to 12+ years depending on the manufacturing process of the battery. There are many factors that affect the service life of the battery including temperature, for more information please view our technical manual.

Design Flexibility

Sealed Lead Acid batteries may be used in series and/or parallel to obtain choice of voltage and capacity. Due to recent design breakthroughs, the same battery may be used in either cyclic or standby applications. Our portfolio of battery products is one of the largest available in the industry.

Rugged Construction

The high-impact resistant battery case is made either of non-conductive ABS plastic. Large capacity batteries frequently have polypropylene cases; all of these materials impart great resistance to shock, vibration, chemicals and heat. Flame Retardant (FR) battery cases and lids are available across our portfolio of battery models.

Compact Design

Power Sonic use state of the art design, high grade materials, and a carefully controlled plate-making process to provide excellent output per cell. The high energy density provides superior power/volume and power/weight ratios.

High Discharge Rate

Low internal resistance allows discharge currents of up to ten times the rated capacity of the battery. Relatively small batteries may thus be specified in applications requiring high peak currents.

Long Shelf Life

A low self-discharge rate may allow storage of fully charged batteries for up to a year depending on storage temperatures. Please view our technical manual for more information on the affects of temperature on shelf life.

Wide Operating Temperature

Power Sonic lead acid batteries may be discharged over a temperature range of -4°F (-20°C) to 140°F (60°C), and charged at temperatures ranging from – 5°F (-15°C) to 122°F (50°C).

Deep Discharge Recovery

Special separators, advanced plate composition and a carefully balanced electrolyte system greatly improve the ability of recovering from excessively deep discharge, this is evident in Power Sonic’s Pure Lead, deep cycle gel and tubular gel batteries.

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